Introducing maternity hospital for surrogacy in Ukraine

When somebody is considering Ukraine for fertility journey, probably it is always confusing in the very beginning of investigation. Other country always gives a feeling of fear, you never know what to expect, what level of service you may receive for the money, how professional are the doctors, what is the legal part and so on. It is very important to have a vision of what you can expect before making a serious decision to make a step and trust a new life into hands of other people. That is why I decided to make an introduction article for our clients and couples that are looking for the best destination for international surrogacy.

Front view on the maternity hospital.

Big comforter at the entrance as a hint that you are in the right place.

I want to show you the place where most of you will arrive for the first perfect date with your baby – the maternity hospital, where our surrogate mothers give births to babies. The comfort of this place is beyond any expectations and words, it looks like a 5-star Spa hotel to me with the best staff ever!