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ICSI (Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

Abbreviation ICSI means Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. This procedure is performed normally by severe forms of male infertility, as the fertility ability of sperm is significantly reduced. Our Coordination Center works with fertility clinics that apply the most advanced equipment to perform such extra accurate manipulations. Remember that sperm injection into an egg is a good way to avoid unfertilized eggs in case of simple tube fertilization. ICSI gives more chances for good number of embryos in the end of cultivation.


There are specific indications to use ICSI method:


  • Age of woman over 38;

  • Unsuccessful fertilizations during IVF procedure in past;

  • Presence of antisperm antibodies (MAR test more than 50%), that stops natural fertilization even in case of normal concentration of spermatozoids;

  • Oligozoospermia – low concentration of spermatozoids, less than 2 ml.

  • Astenozoospermia – less than 1 million spermatozoids with active movement in 1 ml. of ejaculant.

  • Teratozoospermia – less than 5% of normal forms (pathologies of sperm);

  • Azoospermia – absence of spermatozoids in ejaculant.


It is worth noticing that there is a genetic risk of severe diagnosis of male infertility. Some genetic abnormalities lead to spermatogenesis disorder and infertility. Couples with such problems are advised to proceed with IVF+ICSI. During micromanipulation a genetic abnormal spermatozoid can fertilize an egg. If the pregnancy accrues and the fetus is of male gender, there is a big risk of transmission of such disease to a son. Therefore, to reduce this risk and bring it to a minimum, it is recommended to undergo a genetic examination before the treatment. Additional procedure like IMSI will reduce a risk of malformed sperm being inserted into an ovum.


How ICSI works?


The ICSI is carried out on the day of egg retrieval or the next day, if natural tube fertilization failed. Before ICSI procedure, radiant crown cells around the egg are pulled off. This micromanipulation is performed only on mature ovum.  It looks like a surgery, when one single sperm of a good quality is inserted with the help of a micro-needle into a mature egg through zona pellucida (egg coat). Thus fertilization of all received eggs can be performed.

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