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Please note our egg donor database is anonymous and the access can be opened for clients that are in instant communication with the coordination manager. If you are a new client, please contact us to go through the identification procedure to enter the database.

Important: all our female egg donors that you can find in our large egg donor database have at least one own healthy child and have higher education; every girl leads a healthy lifestyle, has a successful life, and donates only because of her own wish to help infertile couples. Experienced donors request additional compensation for egg donation programs. 

Some things to keep in mind when choosing an egg donor.

Chances of pregnancy with donor eggs are much higher in case a woman’s age is over 40. Donor egg success rates speak for themselves. Actually, it is quite difficult to point out a specific fertility success rate for one single fertility clinic, because such facilities can differ in the number of doctors, number of patients per year, and egg donation cycles per year. The only true indication of a high success rated IVF clinic is good reviews of patients. A significant part of every donation program is egg donors that donate their eggs to make other infertile couples happy. Egg donor selection must be carried out with the highest attention to details. Our Center cooperates only with fertility clinics that have proven their serious and careful attitude to ovum donors and to IVF programs for their patients. Our partner clinics have created a trustful background towards cooperation, especially concerning donors that are young, smart, good looking, with a perfect medical history and a healthy lifestyle. Our Center has also a special service as a database of model egg donors and beautiful egg donors that will donate only for one couple. The beauty of Ukrainian women is known all over the world and it is worth coming to Ukraine to find a beautiful egg donor. Our ovum donors are not divided between couples. A significant afford is required to collect such a database for our clients, but we do our best to match your requirements! Every profile has egg donor photos and basic information, so you will have a chance to choose several candidates. All candidates undergo a big number of medical tests and examinations in line with the reproductive law in Ukraine. Examinations for egg donors and their medical profiles are controlled by the Health Ministry of Ukraine. Every person is checked for alcohol, drugs, and smoking additionally. You can be sure that you will receive high-quality donor eggs for your fertility program.


Egg donation in Ukraine is anonymous, so you will not be able to meet your chosen candidate in person or have any kind of contact. Though, be sure that Ukrainian egg donors go through a big number of serious medical tests and genetic tests. 


In order to receive a pass to our egg donor database and get more information on the egg donation process, you will need to contact one of our program managers by filling in an application form, e-mailing us or calling and receive information on how you can do it.

Please fill in the questionnaire for an egg donor, so that we filter out our database for your requirements!

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