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Cost of Surrogacy Packages


The Cost of Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine is very competitive and attractive on the global scale, especially taking into consideration the quality of services and success rate you can get for that cost.

Perfect Surrogacy takes that attractive feature of Ukrainian fertility medicine to an even higher level, by providing even better services with exclusive guarantee surrogacy program packages! Our strategy has proven its effectiveness and we are proud that our programs' success rate is almost 100% and 100% take baby home rate!

Standard 3


This package has no analogs among surrogacy agencies as an all-inclusive offer with the live-birth guarantee, PGS screening, all risks coverage, and many other services included. Having this package every indented parent will feel confident and can count on a 100% result in the fertility journey. EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE is created on the basis of our confidence in the success rate of our partner clinic and on our experience in surrogacy assistance.



Standard 3 is a very well-balanced package for parents who want a very good price/services offer with a very high success rate within 3 embryo transfers. This package has been very popular for many years already as it is very affordable and very efficient at the same time. Additional transfers are possible for an extra cost. All optional procedures and additional expenses that may arise are clearly stated and indicated.

Happy Baby


This package has no analogs among all offers in surrogacy assistance. Life birth guarantee on donor’s eggs or own eggs with gender guarantee. Ideal for intended parents that want the guarantee of result with gender guarantee and with the fullest spectrum of our services, full coverage in case of miscarriage, prematurity, fastest start and express legal exit with baby travel document/passport. This package will give you the biggest confort and confidence in your journey.

Happy Baby


1 embryo-transfer with shipped embryos included. Good for intended parents that have their frozen embryos in other countries and wish to ship their embryos to us for surrogacy program. Shipping companies advised during consultations. 


Ukraine Surrogacy Cost


Why we have cheap and expensive packages unlike other surrogacy providers and offer unlimited cycles for surrogacy and egg donation of the highest level for all packages? The answer is simple: we try to provide the widest range of prices for different financing possibilities, such an approach to service is highly comfortable, unique and effective. It will make a good reputation for us, therefore we will have more satisfied clients.  A satisfied and happy client is our ultimate goal!

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