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Our services are oriented only for foreign infertile couples that decide to use surrogacy services. Sometimes they are afraid to go abroad and find surrogate mother in Ukraine, because of restrictions for surrogacy in their home countries, for example like Germany, Israel, France, Ireland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Sweden etc. Such countries like United Kingdom, where surrogate services are allowed, but only as non-commercial, makes it practically impossible to use services of a gestational carrier. It is almost impossible to find a volunteer. Even USA has banned surrogacy in almost all States and the legal process in USA often is very problematic and extremely expensive in States where such services are actually permitted. Intended parents are confused and scared by such restrictions and bans. In result they lose a great legal possibility to carry out surrogacy process in Ukraine and receive baby passport through country-related embassy in Ukraine.  We do legal documents for a child or children born through surrogacy in Ukraine to come back home as a legal child of intended parents. Baby receives a Birth Certificate where clients are stated as legal parents, as mother and father of a child, without mentioning any surrogacy facts. Based on this document our lawyers proceed with Embassies with client’s active participation. Sometimes our specialists advise to contact Embassy even before the birth of the child to start preparation long before the live birth. Our experience in cooperation with Embassies is big and we have never had any rejections in issuing travel pass for baby born by surrogate. There is no Court for this process, but for some countries legalization case is very difficult and requires serious preparation and professional assistance.


Regarding surrogacy-friendly countries, clients have no fear to come. Despite this fact, it does not mean that processing becomes easier for those clients and they can do everything without additional help. We also assist in the legal process and travel documentation for such countries like Canada, Australia, USA, Portugal, and others.


Especially we want to ensure German, Israel, Portuguese and Spanish clients! Despite the restrictions in your home countries, you can travel and carry out surrogacy in Ukraine and receive travel pass for the baby after our instructions and assistance. Our lawyers know their job very well and we have more than 500 couples all over the world that have returned back having legal documentation in their hands.


Legal assistance is highly advised during surrogacy process in Ukraine! Please don’t conduct any legal process by yourself. It can lead to irreclaimable actions and serious problems.

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