55 years old, Germany

“A trip to remember! Nice, very nice!”


47 years old, United Kingdom

“I am going to come back for our second child, I know you have a second gift for us!”


40 years old, Denmark

“Was expecting lower service, because of Ukraine. Sorry, I was wrong! You can find professionals and specialists everywhere! Thank you! Good luck to your work”


48 years old, USA

“Just a short description: perfect not only in the name of the center. Services, attitude, language, private clinic, communication was on highest level. I work in different countries and know about service a lot. This guys know what they are doing for sure! We are on the 6th month of our pregnancy with surrogate, not I am already happy over the clouds” 


41 years old, France

“Hello! Just wanted to come over and thank you for your incredible work! We like to travel and it was our best trip ever, a gift trip to our dream-daughter, I write and have tears! Service is more than expected!”


46 years old, Italy

“Thank you! Grazie!”


52 years old, USA

“I give 5 stars to this coordination center, true professionals!” 


43 years old, Greece

“Anna, thank you! My family is so happy and full now! We will never forget Ukraine, Kiev, our first trip, we were so afraid…. But what a remarkable decision it was! No words can thank you enough!”


44 years old, Australia

“A long trip, but worth it!”


60 years old, Sweden.

“Unlimited attempts! That what kept my attention, I mailed right away and have never regraded”


42 years old, Great Britain.

"One year ago we started with Perfect Surrogacy, this was an amazing experience! Two healthy children, light of my life!”



"Just wanted to say thank you and good luck in your great job! I know you like what you do. People, you don’t have to look elsewhere, you have found the right place!”


35 years old, Great Britain

"Prices and conditions are just unbelievable! So glad I have found you! Greetings from my daughter Eva!"

Mary and Joe

56 years old, USA, Los-Angeles.

"Don’t think you are too old to be a good parent! Guys from Perfect Surrogacy made a miracle for us! Two boys in 1 year after agreement! Never expect such fast result in USA"


50 years old, Germany

"Managers of this organization are super attentive, you feel so comfortable to receive answer right after asked, highly recommended!"



"I never give any comments, but this is the case I have to say a word. I was lucky to write email to apply for help, I have no uterus and had no hope for happy parenthood. Just in 1,5 year I have my lovely son Luke. Thank you very much!”


48 years old, USA

Thank you again for your help! I was in desperate need of it and you came through for us! I appreciate all the help you have given us in this. I am very happy you came by after we finished to see the girls. Thank you!!!!

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