Anna Lisnichenko

Founder and Head Coordinator

Anna is the founder and the Head Coordinator of Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center. Civil lawyer, specialized in reproductive law, fertility assistance specialist since 2012, certified interpreter for German and English.

Ievgenii Dorinsky

Logistics Manager

Ievgenii is a man of sharp and organized mind. Everything he does is done with great order, responsibility, and devotion. He stands behind the technical and documentary organization of IP's visits to Ukraine, guides and supervises their stay in our beloved city. Apart from that, he is also responsible for searching for our precious surrogate mothers and guiding them during the programs with great care. He is open, kind and communicative.

Natalia Yakovleva-Sharavina

Medical doctor, medical manager and process coordinator

Natalia is a medical doctor and coordinates the medical part of the process, gestation period and supervises the fertilization process in the clinic. Natalia is a very kind and loving person with high communication abilities and with a great wish to help infertile couples and feels every case deeply. She speaks English. 

Elizabeth Vandrovich

Medical Doctor Assistant, Surrogate Mothers Coordinator

Elizabeth plays a very important role in our team's work. She is our Surrogate Mothers Coordinator and Medical Doctor Assistant. She gives her help and support to the surrogate mothers without holidays and weekends. During the gestation period, she is always in touch with surrogate mothers, provides them with all the needed medication and support and comes with them to doctor’s appointments. She becomes a real friend to every surrogate mother and she is always open for long psychological conversations. Elizabeth is a very good person with a great desire to help surrogate mothers and couples with fertility problems to achieve their dream.

Katerina Yarovaja

Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors Coordinator

Katerina is a specialist for contact with surrogate mothers and egg donors on the initial stage, she is the one who processes the requests and communicates with the candidates on early stages. Katerina has a big experience in communication with potential surrogate mothers and a very reputable person in the surrogacy community of Ukraine. She always finds the best candidates for our programs. Katerina has 2 higher educations in mathematics and economics, she is a person of a sharp mind and kind heart.

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