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Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center provides surrogacy programs for women with congenital absence of uterus like Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome or acquired absence like hysterectomy. Besides, many somatic diseases can be a strong reason to use such reproductive method like surrogate motherhood when a woman helps to carry a healthy baby for an infertile couple.  Natural pregnancy for women with heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, numerous unsuccessful egg donation cycles and more, makes it impossible to carry healthy pregnancy and give birth to a child.  It is not only a heavy load on woman’s body, but a huge risk for woman’s life. Depressions and physiological syndromes can be a reason to try surrogate services. Traditional surrogacy isn’t supported by our Ukrainian legislation and it is not a popular type of surrogacy method. Gestation surrogacy is used more often among infertile couples. The difference between these two types of surrogacy is big. Gestational carrier has no genetic relation to a child and receives fertilized donor eggs for embryo transfer. Traditional carrier gives own eggs for fertilization and is in fact genetically related to a child. Our Center supports only gestational surrogacy according to Ukrainian law.


Surrogate mother can be a healthy woman at age 19-35, with her own healthy child. This woman has no contradictions to pregnancy. Such gestational carrier always receives a compensation for carrying a child through In Vitro Fertilization procedure and after giving a live birth.


Our country has conducted this program at 1994 for the first time. Despite surrogate mothers have been helping infertile couple for a long time already, attitude to a surrogate remains controversial. One consider that surrogacy becomes a trade and exploitation, other think that it is the only opportunity to have genetically connected baby and wish of parenthood can be fulfilled. Actually this question has a lot of aspects - medical, physiological, ethical, social and family aspects. Only infertile couple can make a choice, take all risks and become parents through surrogacy. Our specialists can always advise the best option. Sometimes it is possible to start from egg donation program and perform a transfer to a surrogacy program without financial losses.

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