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Surrogacy Guarantee packages - unlimited options for surrogacy programs.

Updated: Jul 6

Many intended parents show big interest for the guarantee programs, as such agreement will put their mind in ease and will ensure that they will not spend funds for new cycles. Unlimited programs usually are very magnetic as within the agreement the agency has to give a quick result without any additional payments, looks like a dream offer for every couple, struggling with infertility. Sad that some agencies use such offers as advertisement trick and keep silence about possible changes during the process. Every businessman understands that such programs are a big financial risk, so to be able to handle such risk, he has to provide the result quickly and with a minimum cost involved, in our case it means to have the pregnancy from first-fourth embryo transfer and from the first fertilization cycle, not to go far into tries as there will be more costs involved. In conclusion of this thought it is obvious that the agency has to be absolutely sure that the fertility clinic has a high success rate and the doctor is very successful in fast pregnancies to be able to offer such a package.

We also have guarantee program in Ukraine, but we are fully honest with our clients that there are conditions that might change the unlimited option during the program. Such conditions were dictated by the necessity only, because we are dealing with biological materials and life organisms that sometimes are not under our full control. I think honesty and realistic approach are a must have if big funds and hopes are involved. In my opinion, unlimited offers in IVF treatments must not be misused by many agencies just to catch a client, sign a contract and take money. A client has to be fully prepared for any problems that might arise during and after fertilization process, during gestation period and not be surprised and disappointed later. Imagine that there are no embryos after fertilization or all embryos are genetically abnormal, can an agency fulfill the unlimited option in this case? I have to admit that many parents don’t want to go deep into the understanding of such issues and demand unlimited cycles with such biological material that can’t simply create healthy embryos. Such illusion can harm a lot, that is why I encourage to be more realistic with unlimited programs. Most of our couples have good material, that allows us to fulfill the unlimited option having 4-9 healthy embryos and a super healthy, perfect surrogate mother. Creation of healthy embryos is not only a responsibility and professionalism of the medical and embryology team, it is also genetics of the intended parents that pays even a bigger role.

The unlimited option is available only for donor eggs, because we use only proven and young egg donors with very good eggs that have their own healthy child, are genetically screened and have provided good result in past, the only thing is to be approved here is the sperm of the intended father. In case you are approved for stimulation on your own eggs, meet age requirements, you can be included into the program price for one cycle and all embryos from your cycle will be transferred within the unlimited option. In case you have low reserve or doctor predicts less than 10 oocytes, the cycle on own eggs goes as additional payments and on donor eggs as unlimited without additional payment. The biomaterial plays a big role in the result and outcome of number and quality of embryos successful fertilization and implantation.

Unlimited program is a financial risk and we take this risk only after approving couples for such programs by certain criteria to be able to fulfill our obligations by contract with such conditions.

The IVF program with surrogacy consists of many aspects and all affect the result, the biomaterial is extremely important in this process and in case it is not enough embryos after a fertilization, it is an indication that there is a medical issue in genetics (especially after PGD test, prenatal genetic screening). There is a different quality of eggs and sperm in every couple and we can do unlimited programs only with healthy material to guarantee a result.

Basically, what I want to say - your biomaterial has to be good enough to give the result and allow us to fulfill the unlimited option as we offer in the package.

Surrogacy agencies that offer unlimited options, first of all, they guarantee only pregnancy till weeks 6-8, then you have to start new contract with them. We guarantee till the birth of an alive baby or babies. Some agencies also do not mention the fact that in case you will have a low number of embryos or no embryos for transfer, they will ask you to pay for an additional cycle or stop your contract. They usually use these unlimited packages as an advertisement trick, but we try to prepare couples for all possible outcome and inform them in the fullest beforehand. I want also to point out that such low outcomes are extremely rare because, after our medical tests and approval for such program, there is a minimum risk of such outcome when a couple needs to transfer to a Standard 3 attempts package.

I fully understand that such honesty from our side might harm us and some couples will better believe in an advertisement tricks of other agencies and stay in illusions, but in result we will have realistic and prepared couples in programs, that can see the picture in a full adequate view.

We have high moral standards and cherish our reputation, that is why we want to clear up all risks even with unlimited programs as they are.

The program is more complex than intended parents might expect and the result depends not only on the operation and professionalism of the fertility clinic, embryology, doctor, but also on the biological material provided from the side of the couple. To receive a guarantee from us, intended parents need to understand that they are providing the most important part of the program, the material on which we give a guarantee. The material is not equal for everybody, it might have genetic issues, some of them can be detected by special medical tests, some can be found only in the process of fertilization and cultivation.

The success rate of our unlimited surrogacy programs reaches 99,8% that is unbelievable high percentage. Usually we use only experienced surrogate mothers as a gestational carrier and experienced egg donor to ensure the result. The medical tests are very throughout and deep for all participants to get to the success by the shortest way.

We work better than you expect!

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