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100% Guarantee
Perfect Surrogacy Baby



We offer you a unique 100% take baby home rate with a guarantee of a result! We are fully confident in our work and success! Why? While most fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies offer you only щту by one attempt package with much higher prices, our egg donation programs and surrogacy programs offer you an unlimited number of IVF cycles for a fixed egg donor cost, affordable one-package price! We just keep trying until we get a positive result!
You can also choose 1 cycle Basic program or 3 attempts Standard program that has a very high 70% success rate.

Unlimited fertility procedures, fixed egg donor price, fixed surrogate mother price, all-included IVF drugs, no hidden cost of surrogacy program!



  • Unlimited number of fertility procedures

  • Fixed total IVF price

  • Guarantee of IVF result

  • All services included

Depending on what infertility treatment you need, our team is fully experienced to arrange proper medical approach, provide big egg donor database, translation services, legal support of surrogacy lawyer, legal fees, accommodation, food supply and transportation during your fertility journey. We provide you with detailed IVF process step by step information. Mind that it is all included in your surrogate mother program and egg donation program and you’ll never put your mind to these questions. Unlimited all included packages for surrogate program and egg donation program are unique with unlimited fertility procedures in one package with a fixed total price. You receive multiple IVF cycles until you get a positive result (for unlimited packages).

All services included

  • best fertility doctor free consultation

  • selection of a fertility clinic

  • coordination of a fertility program from A to Z

  • full legal support services of a surrogate lawyer

  • full organizational support

  • personal translator services

  • surrogate mother search

  • egg donor search or a sperm donor search

  • help with accommodation and food supply

  • meeting at airport and departure

  • personal driver

  • no waiting time 

Perfect Surrogacy team has built relationships with several fertility clinics that have high rates in surrogacy and egg donation success rates on a very good level so that you don’t spend your precious time searching and comparing different fertility centers, it has already been done by us, checked and proven. Our clients can be sure that we work with the most reliable and successful top IVF clinics in Ukraine that have the best quality and good IVF statistics for the price. Moreover, our Coordination Center has such benefits from partnerships with reproductive clinics as no waiting time for our clients, no lines, fast fertilization process, best egg donors and surrogate mothers, possibility to choose a convenient time frame for your fertility procedures, direct online consultation with your reproductive doctor and much more.


Perfect Surrogacy has created for you a number of perfect packages for Surrogate Motherhood programs and Egg Donation programs that include all medical tests, egg donor cost, sperm donor cost, embryo freezing (cryoconservation), surrogate mother cost, fertilization procedure cost, embryo transfer cost, fertility doctor consultation and examination, full legal support of surrogacy lawyer, individual manager throughout the program. Mind that egg donor cost is included into the package and into every IVF attempt that might be needed.

from 46,900 $

from 7,500 $

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