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Surrogacy Process Scheme

1. Contact us!

First step is to write an e-mail, fill in application form, call or use skype connection from our website. You can also book a skype appointment.


2. Communication and Preparation.

A coordinator will react to your request and start communication. After all initial questions are solved and you are ready to come, the coordinator starts to prepare you for the first visit to Kiev, Ukraine. You will be aware of all required documentation, medical tests and date of the first visit. The day of the first visit is set in correspondence to your working schedule and convenience. 1-2 weeks.


3. 1st Visit or Biomaterial Shipping.

The first visit is signing of the contract, first and second payment, examination with fertility doctor of an infertility clinic (1-2days). Your first visit includes meeting at airport, accommodation, transportation in the city, personal assistance in the IVF clinic during the appointment day, medical assistance with your IVF protocol or egg donation protocol till the IVF pregnancy positive result. Please note, that you have to arrive together with your partner for the first visit or husband can arrive alone, but with all document concerning his wife. 1-2 weeks or more. In case of Biomaterial Shipping, arrival for the first visit is not necessary.


4. Find egg donor/Ovarian Stimulation. IVF

  • As soon as you sign a surrogacy contract and undergo all procedures like doctor’s examination and consultation, make all necessary medical tests, you can start selecting a suitable egg donor from our egg donor database. This database has egg donors photos and basic information, so you can actually see who will donate eggs for your egg donation program. Actually you can start before your first visit, but your ovum donor is available for booking only after the first payment to the egg donation clinic. There are two options of choosing a candidate. This can be done by your reproductive specialist with the help of your program coordinator, according to your blood groups, wished phenotype and so on or you can choose your wished oocyte donor from the database together with your family.


  • Ovarian stimulation. IVF

    In case you are stimulated for your own eggs, you will receive all necessary medication with you and start stimulation back home. You arrive to Ukraine approximately 10 days before the eggs retrieval procedure for ultrasound checks and for additional medication. Please note that you will stay about 10-14 days in case of your own ovarian stimulation.


5. Find Surrogate Mother

During egg donor selection, your reproductive doctor makes a surrogate mother search for you. It is very important that a doctor selects a surrogate mother from a surrogate mother database according to her correspondence to your egg donor and to your medical issues. Appearance of a surrogate is not so significant as healthy reproductive organs, general good health and match with you and your egg donor. You can see examples of our experienced surrogate mothers in our surrogate mothers’ webpage. You can meet your surrogate mother on the day of the embryo transfer or on the 12th week of the gestation. If requested, you can meet your surrogate mother before the embryotransfer.


6. Synchronisation of Cycles

You will be aware about the start time for your donor-surrogate mother syncronization, your arrival day for donor eggs fertilization and blastocyst embryo transfer to your surrogate mother. You receive all necessary medication and fertility protocol in the clinic to proceed with your fertility treatment back home in case you are stimulated for your own eggs.


7. 2nd Visit. Fertilization

Please note that you don’t have to arrive together with your partner for the second visit. Husband can arrive alone for the procedure or we can use his frozen sperm sample if it has been frozen on the first visit.

Your stay will last minimum 1 day.


In case you undergo ovarian stimulation, you arrive earlier than your husband or your husband can accompany you for the whole period or just arrive for the fertilization procedure.


8. Embryo Transfer

Embryo cultivation lasts 5 days in the specialized laboratory in the fertility medical center. Procedure of embryotransfer for your surrogate mother takes place in the morning on the 5th day.


In case you undergo ovarian stimulation, you are fully assisted during this procedure. Your coordination manager accompanies you to the clinic room, meets you after the procedure and gives explanations regarding your protocol actions after 5-6 days.


9. Pregnancy Test

Your surrogate mother makes blood test for pregnancy hormone hCG level 14 days after your embryo transfer. Our coordination manager informs the result to you the same day by mail or phone.


  • Positive – We are glad and wait for the first ultrasound.

  • Negative – you can process with next attempts. If you have unlimited surrogacy package with guarantee, you proceed until positive result without additional payments (in unlimited packages).


10. Baby/Babies Birth

The birth takes place in a specialized hospital in Ukraine. Intended parents will be informed when to arrive for the birth. Your child receives a birth certificate that states you as legal parents without mentioning surrogate mother and surrogacy process. Your surrogate process is controlled by personal coordinator and you are always aware of all details, time of your arrival, health state of your surrogate mother and her location. Your personal coordinator together with a surrogacy lawyer prepares your documents, checks Embassy requirements for any possible changes, in order the legal part goes smoothly and ends up receiving a baby passport. Intended Parents can visit children on the day of the birth or the next day after a night birth.


11. Legal Process

Documentation process starts after the birth of the child and differs from country to country. You can find out more by communicating with our coordinator.


12. Return Home

On receiving baby pass or passport at your Embassy, you are ready to departure with your baby back home. Your program coordinator will organize your comfortable transportation to airport and wish you a good flight and safe landing at your home-country. 

Contact us
Communication & Preparation
First Visit
Find Egg Donor
Find Surrogate Mother
Synchronisation of Cycles
Second Visit. Fertilization
Embryo Transfer
Pregnancy Test
Legal Process



1. Marriage Certificate


  • Your original marriage certificate must be stamped with apostil (or legalization for countries that do not support apostilization).

  • The apostille or legalization stamp for the marriage certificate is required for the first visit and for the last visit (exit process).


2. Valid Passports​



Doctor’s letter


Intended Parents prepare medical indication for surrogacy or a letter from a doctor, physician or specialist. This document has to show your diagnosis and/or recommend to use a surrogate mother to become parents. It can be a medical confirmation about unsuccessful IVF or egg donation in the past, for example:


Your doctor needs to certify that one of the following is true (state a diagnosis):


  • Myomas, uterus deformations;

  • Endometriosis;

  • Synechi;

  • Mayer Rokitansky (MRKH) Syndrome;

  • Cancer;

  • Depression;

  • Absence of a womb;

  • Non-carrying of pregnancy;

  • Hypertension;

  • recurrent miscarriages, untreatable uterus problems;

  • uterine or endometrial scarring (Asherman's syndrome);

  • prior hysterectomy or conditions when pregnancy is a threat to the health of the intended mother;

  • Poor health situation;

  • Unsuccessful IVF attempts (minimum 4) with egg donation;

  • and others.



Tests for women for surrogacy with own eggs (ovarian stimulation):

  • Blood group, Rh

  • Vaginal canal swab

  • Rw, HBs, HCV, HIV, syphilis (3 m. valid)

  • Coagulogram

  • Biochemical blood test

  • PAP test

  • Pelvic organs ultrasound

  • Breast ultrasound (or mammography)

  • Antimullerian hormone

  • LH, FSH

  • Attending physician’s opinion (that you can be stimulated without serious danger to your health).

  • Medical indications for surrogacy – a letter for a doctor or/and min.4 attempts of IVF without success.

  • Karyotype analysis


Pay attention! Women for surrogacy with egg donation need only medical indication for surrogacy.


Analyses and examinations required for men:


  • HIV

  • Rw (Syphilis)

  • Blood group, Rh

  • HBs

  • HCV

  • Karyotype analysis. If you already have such a test, you do not need to do it again. For biologically-related future parents.

  • Spermogram (3 months valid). Spermogram has to be repeated during the first visit to the clinic. Embryologists will freeze sperm for the next attempts in case a sperm sample is good enough for freezing.

Required Documentation
Medical Tests


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