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Main features that are included in the price of the package:


  • Live-Birth guarantee.

  • Guarantee on donor eggs;

  • 1 own eggs stimulation cycle.

  • Unlimited number of attempts till positive result - live birth;

  • No additional costs for additional attempts;

  • PGD/PGS Priority Gender Selection.

  • 1 Year of Embryo vitrification.

  • Program coordination and full 24 hours assistance;

  • Translator services;

  • Preparation of necessary documents and legal support;

  • Medical tests for all program participants;

  • Selection of a surrogate mother;

  • Choosing egg donor or a sperm donor if required;

  • Model-look Egg-Donor.

  • Stimulation of intended mother, if egg donation not required;

  • Medication for hormonal stimulation of an egg donor;

  • Medical care and medication for surrogate mother regarding the program;

  • Surrogate mother compensation;

  • Ultrasounds and examinations during the gestational period;

  • Birth of the child/children in maternal hospital;

  • NICU.

  • Compensation in case of caesarian section;

  • Pediatrician care after birth - one visit;

  • Nutrition Specialist - one visit.

  • Egg retrieval procedures;

  • Fertilization procedures;

  • Cultivation of embryos till blastocysts;

  • One change of  surrogate mother;

  • Compensation to surrogate mother in case of miscarriage;

  • The final legal process, assistance in Embassy, legalization and apostil stamp of documents;

  • Accommodation - two months.

  • A minimum number of trips to Ukraine – 1; more, in case of additional stimulations and providing more sperm samples.

  • DNA paternity test included. (special DNA test from the Embassy Approved List is paid by the Intended Parents).

  • International Specialist Express Exit.

  • See more features in the comparison file (sent by request).

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