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Updated information on the entrance to Ukraine for foreigners

Dear Intended parents! Borders to Ukraine are open for foreigners with new conditions.

New Important information! Now foreigners from the red zones can do a test for the virus after entering Ukraine and skip the quarantine for 14 days in case the result is negative! Also, the insurance has to be issued by a company that has official representatives in Ukraine or is a Ukrainian company. The insurance has to be valid for the time of stay in Ukraine and cover the COVID19 treatment and observation.

☝️Just a reminder (in case no tests for covid19) - red zone countries can enter with later 14 days quarantine in a chosen address with special App on phone, green zone countries can enter Ukraine without quarantine.

😷All must have health insurance for COVID 19 coverage. 👇

Now we have a website with full information regarding the new conditions for entrance and insurance for COVID19 in Ukraine

Please visit https://visitukraine.today/ for full and updated information

We wait for you and stay safe!

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