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How We Select the Perfect Surrogate Mother

Updated: Jul 5

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A Story of Hope and Responsibility

The journey to parenthood can sometimes be challenging, especially for couples facing infertility. Surrogacy programs have become a glimpse of hope for many, offering a path to the long-awaited baby. The decision to participate in a surrogacy program is both simple and complicated, as can be the programs themselves. Sometimes programs can turn out unsuccessful and that alone can be devastating. We have seen couples who came to us after 5 and even more unsuccessful IVF and surrogacy programs. They've gone through a lot. But we're proud to say that all of them have reached their goals with our live-birth guarantee programs like the Perfect Gender Guarantee and the Exclusive Guarantee surrogacy packages! That's why we like our job! We take the complicated part of the work to ourselves, we organize everything to be fluent and fast, and together with our brilliant doctors and perfect surrogate mothers, we make dreams come true!

What makes our surrogacy programs so successful?

Apart from exceptional doctors, high-end equipment, our humble experienced, dedicated team, and many other different things, one of the keys to success is, of course, the surrogate mother.

Finding the perfect surrogate mother.

Finding a healthy, responsible, and willing surrogate mother is crucial! She becomes not just a carrier but a vital part of a couple's journey to parenthood. The surrogate mother's health, psychological state, and moral readiness are very important, as the well-being of the future baby and the entire family depend on her.

Health as the Foundation.

So, the first and most important criterion for selecting a surrogate mother is health. She undergoes a comprehensive medical examination, including all necessary tests and evaluations by specialists. We go beyond the standard requirements, conducting additional tests to ensure a complete understanding of her health, thus maximizing safety and the chances of success.

We also review the surrogate mother's medical history, including psychiatric and addiction records, to confirm her mental health and absence of addictions. A therapeutic examination evaluates her overall medical condition and identifies any potential contraindications for pregnancy and childbirth. A gynecological examination assesses her reproductive system, hormonal status, and identifies any infections.

Health is more than just the absence of disease, in our case, it also includes the ability to carry and deliver a baby. We verify this through medical certificates and by confirming that the surrogate has at least one healthy child of her own, supported by birth certificates and a pediatrician's assessment.

Moral Readiness: An Invisible but Decisive Factor

But health alone is not enough. Surrogate mother's moral readiness is of great importance as well. This is a conscious decision requiring maturity, responsibility, and a deep understanding of the process. Our experienced team conducts in-depth assessments to evaluate each candidate's motivation, moral values, and psychological stability. We communicate openly with each woman to understand her intentions, decision awareness, and readiness for possible complications to ensure a smooth and safe process for everybody, including the surrogate mother.

The safest and most stable surrogates are those with clear, tangible goals, such as purchasing property, improving living conditions, starting a business, addressing family health issues, or funding their children's education.

Candidates who lack clear goals or participate solely for altruistic reasons may be seen as less stable and motivated, posing higher risks as sometimes they can change their mind at some point. That's why some of such candidates are not approved for the program, even if they meet medical requirements, as safety is our top priority.

The Value of Experience and Maturity

Contrary to the belief that younger surrogate mothers are better, our experience shows that women over 35 are often more reliable and responsible candidates. These women bring maturity, a better understanding of their bodies, and a strong sense of responsibility to the program. They are more disciplined and more likely to follow medical recommendations, contributing to a calm and successful pregnancy. In our programs, we even have experienced surrogate mothers, willing to participate again and we appreciate them very much as most of them are indeed, perfect surrogate mothers!

Trust Us with Your Happiness

At Perfect Surrogacy our super-experienced team does everything to find the perfect surrogate mother for you, based on your expectations and our requirements. Selecting a surrogate mother is not just about finding a suitable candidate, it’s about creating a strong union based on trust and responsibility. A surrogate mother is not just a carrier or a service provider but a partner and co-creator of your baby-miracle.

Thanks to your trust, we always strive to make your path to long-awaited happiness as smooth, fast, healthy, and successful as possible.

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