Surrogacy ban in Ukraine? No! Update 10.06.2019

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Update 10.06.2019

Good news! All 5 law drafts, that we talk about in the article in 2018 were declined by the government and the current law is still in action that fully allows surrogacy, IVF and egg donation for Ukrainian and foreign couples. A working group of professionals is currently formed by the request of the government to create a one law for surrogacy in Ukraine that will regulate the IVF treatment, that law is called to allow, regulate in details and protect as all participants of the reproductive treatment, so the children, born using IVF and surrogacy.

Review of current legal situation on surrogacy in Ukraine.

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Please note, the below atricle was written in June 2018, pay attention to the updates!

Recently the internet exploded after the news that surrogacy in Ukraine will be banned for foreign couples. I have started to receive numerous questions regarding this matter and many current clients began to worry about their programs. That was absolutely expected. After a deep investigation of the situation, analyzing the 2 draft laws and after contacting specialists who took part in the creation of the second draft law, I am ready to give a clear and comprehensive answer. I will give you some details of my investigation of this issue because I myself am very interested in explaining to the intended parents and future families that it’s too early to make final conclusions. Besides, I am quite optimistic about the future changes in this field.

Update 03.08.2018

Today the situation is even better! We already have 5!!! Draft Laws for surrogacy and reproduction technologies! And only one of them (the first one) has limitations for foreign couples. Other Draft-Laws introduce regulations and improvements. Apparently, they are not all the same, they have some differences, but they are very similar and today there is no need to dive deep into all of them and compare them as they are all good except the first one, which in my mind, has very little chances to pass. So we will wait to see which one will pass the voting and will examine it. So follow us and keep in touch! :) We still recommend you to read all the article to the end so you can have a picture of what is going on.

The Short Answer

But first, I want to calm everybody: In my opinion, based on the results of my investigation and on the real situation in reproductive medicine in Ukraine - there will be no ban of surrogacy for foreign couples in Ukraine!

The Situation in the Media