Do you really need PGD?

Most people, who consider PGD/PGS within fertility program, want it for gender selection. Indeed, this convenient possibility to choose the gender of your future child is fabulous! No wonder it’s growing in popularity. But gender selection is not the only reason for doing this procedure. What are the things you have to know about PGD? 5 chromosomes PGD or 24 chromosomes PGD, what is the difference? Are there any risks, is it dangerous? Do you still need it if you don’t require sex selection? We’ll try to cover all these questions in our article.

What is PGD/PGS?

PGD stands for “Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis”. It is also often called PGS – “Preimplantation Genetic Screening”. As the name suggests, this procedure is conducted before an embryo is transferred into the woman’s womb in order to test it for genetic diseases. During this procedure the specialist can also determine the sex of the developing embryos, that’s why it is often used for the purpose of gender selection. The gender selection may be used in order to prevent the inheriting of genetic diseases and for family balancing.

PGD makes success rate higher!

The first thing you have to know is that including PGD will improve the IVF success rates of your fertility program. PGD testing makes it possible to transfer only healthy biological material by checking the number and the look of chromosomes, which helps to prevent still pregnancies, miscarriages, malformations in the fetus, organ pathologies, Down syndrome, Patau syndrome etc. By transferring only healthful and strong embryos it makes the chance of successful, normal and non-problematic gestational period much higher, which is proven by the fertility programs statistics. So even if you don’t think about gender selection, you really should consider PGD as it will make your program more efficient. The PGD cost is rather high, but it is definitely recommended because it makes the number of attempts less and the way to success shorter. That can’t be bad for a budget!


Is PGD safe?

The short answer is yes! But we know that nothing is 100% safe in our world, so how safe is it? It is safe enough for our Dr. Ruslan Sobolev to recommend it to all the intended parents!