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Cooperation of Individual Professionals

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Anna Lisnichenko, the founder of Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center is a surrogacy lawyer, fertility assistance specialist, professional interpreter for English and German, has 6 years experience of working in the most famous fertility clinic in Ukraine as a head of the department and right now is working with the best reproductive doctors in Ukraine. Anna is planning to receive second higher education for a lawyer. Our coordinators and specialists are doctors for family medicine, professional lawyers, specialized in family and surrogacy field. We also cooperate with international emergency legal evacuation in case we need some emergency departure of a couple. Our team is strong and independent, we have chosen a way of cooperation that has no analogs in business, we are all individual professionals working together and every person is not a worker, but an independent specialist. At the same time the process of work is supervised by the owner and chief coordinator in person. Such an approach helps to build a strong team interested in the result, avoiding the stress of office workers and director-manager relations. Every member of the team is an independent professional, enjoying the job and is involved in the process on all levels, from financial, professional to emotional.

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