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Is surrogacy ethical?

This question is probably the most controversial one within infertility treatment. There are obviously two different camps that have opposite views regarding this topic. First camp thinks that it is absolutely not ethical to use a human as a vessel or rent a womb, it is against women’s right and has to be banned absolutely. The second camp has an opposite opinion, that it is normal to help an infertile couple to carry a child, as soon as it is in line with the law and is fulfilled by a personal will of a potential gestational carrier. The first camp has the view that woman’s body is used and her feelings are not taken into account, when she has to give the baby to the future parents after the birth. Also, this kind of activity cannot be considered as work, though payments are not acceptable. But why paid surrogacy is considered something unacceptable by some countries like UK? United Kingdom allows only altruistic surrogacy, where a surrogate mother can not receive money as a payment. How easy is it to find an altruistic surrogate mother even with the help of a UK surrogacy agencies? If a payment is called a compensation or reasonable expanses, would this money become something else for a surrogate mother? Surely not, she will use these funds for her own good and for the good of her family, for her house or to cover her credit, is this so bad? Yes, a surrogate mother takes a lot of risks doing a surrogate pregnancy, but there are a lot of professions that are connected with big risks too, so why we don’t stand against them? The first thing we have to do is to understand that a human has rights and a free will of actions. How deep can a government go into the limitation of your rights for your own body? Its a difficult question and that is why a lot of European countries have not come to a decision about surrogacy law, they simply don’t have it. What the first camp is missing, is that they totally forget about the couples struggling with infertility. Usually surrogacy is their only chance to become parents and the only way to save a family. Using a surrogate mother to carry a child is not some kind of exploitation, it is a hand of help from a woman to a woman. There must be serious medical reasons for surrogacy such as hysterectomy, autoimmune diseases, severe endometriosis, numerous myomas, Rokitansky syndrome, different diagnosis that will not allow to carry a child, because of danger to mother’s life and risks for a baby during gestational period. Cancer survivals are not allowed to get pregnant, because the illness might come back, so surrogacy is a good opportunity to become parents. So, the question must be – is it ethical to abandon such people and leave them without any hopes.

Pregnant woman

You know what an intended mother feels towards a surrogate mother that is carrying her child? An endless gratefulness for a lifetime opportunity. Relations between an intended mother and a surrogate mom are something very special, these two people will be connected for a lifetime by bounds of gratefulness and appreciation.

The attitude of the government to the reproductive rights of the people can be seen in the country's legislation. In some countries, governments ban surrogacy completely. In other countries, they allow only altruistic surrogacy. In Ukraine surrogacy is allowed for married couples (LGBT couples not included). Ukraine surrogacy law is one of the friendliest laws among many countries. It gives rights to intended parents to be official and biological parents of the child or children and allows surrogate mother to be paid for carrying a child. Foreign couples looking for a surrogate mother abroad can find not only the best law for surrogacy in Ukraine, but also the cheapest surrogacy in the world.

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