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Best country for surrogacy

In this article, I want to give you only facts, because I know how much one needs true information on surrogacy when it comes to this point. Let me begin with the most important factors to consider when choosing the best destination for surrogacy services once you have decided to go abroad to find a gestational carrier for your fertility treatment.

1. Legislation. Choose surrogacy-friendly countries.

The first important factor is legislation, you should choose countries where surrogacy is legal. This information is widely available on the internet and it's not difficult to check if a country has friendly surrogacy laws or not.

2. Do some research on how difficult it will be to bring your baby or babies back to your country and on your legal status as parents.

Even if a country is surrogacy friendly and the baby is born, there may be many difficulties and challenges on your way back home, so it is very important to know for sure whether you will be able to bring your baby or babies out of this country and what legal status you will have as parents. Much depends upon your own citizenship and on The Embassy of your home country in the destination country.

IVF Clinic in Ukraine

3. The cost of surrogacy

One of the critical factors for most people is the cost of surrogacy. How much does surrogacy cost - is one of the most determinative questions in finding a surrogate mother in another country. Not everyone can afford surrogate mother services, because of high costs of such infertility treatment. Though, there is always a chance to find the best price - quality ratio solution even with surrogacy treatment. It is advised not to look for the cheapest surrogacy in the world. As soon as you will, you may encounter poor service quality and face more difficulties such as low success rates, fraud, unsuccessful attempts or even a sick baby in the end. Indian surrogacy might be very attractive by the price, but I assure you, you don’t want to experience surrogacy in India. Indian surrogacy will not allow you to bring the baby out, so consider this country closed for surrogacy in the nearest future. Thailand surrogacy and Mexican surrogacy are not good options for the same reasons. Actually, if you need an egg donation and surrogacy, you might find Ukraine the best country for surrogacy in Europe. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine varies from 30 000 Euro to 56000 Euro, depending on the services included into the price of the package and some special conditions. Some packages even have unlimited attempts and guarantee of result, but couples need to meet some special requirements with sperm quality. The success rate of surrogacy in Ukraine is very impressive and extremely competitive for such price (in fact, most of the times it is equal or even better than in US or EU) and the fact, that you pay step by step makes you feel more on the safe side regarding your funds.

What about Surrogacy in United States? It is so unreasonably expansive that can reach 120 000 Dollars for a program for foreign couples and a little less for US citizens, about 114 000 Dollars. Can you even imagine how reasonable it is to go for Ukrainian surrogacy for the same quality of service and less legal difficulties? Baby born from a surrogate mother in Ukraine can receive a US passport in only two weeks after the confirmed DNA paternity test in the United States Embassy. There is no need for a court and high fees to a lawyer.

Regarding UK surrogacy, the process is complicated because it is not easy to find a surrogate mother in UK. It is difficult to rent a womb in a country where the law prohibits paid surrogacy and allows only the altruistic surrogacy. So, how much does surrogacy cost in UK? According to information from the internet, the price begins from 40 000 British Pounds which is equivalent to 50000 US Dollars within one attempt. The price depends a lot on the compensation to a surrogate mother. The cost of surrogacy with a family member might be less, but is there a big chance that some relative or a friend can be a gestational carrier? Well, one is lucky if so. Otherwise, you have no chance to become a parent through surrogacy in the United Kingdom in short terms.

4. Surrogacy agreement. What is included?

Pay close attention to the included services and payments. A good contract has to include surrogate mother fee, medication, medical tests and examinations, pregnancy observation, delivery cost, doctor’s consultations, IVF procedure, cultivation of embryos and embryo transfer procedure. A very good contract will include even accommodation and food for all stay, baby-sitter and pediatrician visits. If you calculate all additional costs that might not be included into the price of the surrogacy contract, you can face much more expanses, so be very careful.

Better look on all-inclusive surrogacy packages with guarantee of result, such packages have multicycles till positive result. All in one, which give you full service and no hidden costs.

5. The Waiting Time

The next factor that will determine your destination is the waiting time. How long are you ready to wait for your fertility procedure? Using a surrogate to have a baby is not a quick process and you have to be ready that there is a long line of couples that are waiting for a sergeant mother candidate. Every surrogate country has its waiting time for the fertilization procedure. Mostly it's from 6 months to 1 year and more. The best decision is to use services of surrogacy agencies or infertility treatment providers that have the minimum waiting time or no lines at all, because they have direct or exclusive agreements with infertility clinics and reproductive specialists. But you need to be careful here, some agents just pass you to a clinic and offer you no advantages or additional services at all. Choose agencies and surrogacy providers with a personal manager, minimum waiting time and additional services. In most cases, such agents have a big experience, they know the process A to Z and supply you with full information, legal assistance, practical help and quick response. Yes, you pay a bit more, but you pay for your time and comfort, it is worth it. Surrogacy journeys may be really problematic and exhausting sometimes and an agency with a personal manager/assistant can make a big difference. Especially when it comes to legislation and documents. Such agencies work with very experienced surrogacy lawyers. A Family lawyer, specialized in surrogacy has always been a significant figure in one's fertility journey. Such a specialist in surrogacy laws can form a clear documentation process for you and provide you with full legal support.

6. Surrogate Mother

The next factor that I consider a very important one - is the surrogate mother. Every infertile couple that needs a surrogate mom on some stage, wants a nice person for carrying their child or children. She has to be healthy, intelligent, kind and responsible. Her social status has to be high enough to fulfil her obligations in a proper way. Actually, a good gestational carrier can come from a middle class and exactly such women are in Ukraine. Let me tell about them in details. A surrogate mother in Ukraine is usually a woman that is married and has her own 1-4 children, she is about 19-32 years old, has a college or university degree, she is healthy, because she usually works and lives in a village area, not in big cities. Surrogates in Ukraine are mostly housewives and have a nice peaceful life with their family. Why they want to go and carry a child for other people? – you might ask. Well, a substitute mother needs money and if she can carry a child, why not? It is her decision and opportunity to earn some cash for her family, children, home renovation or purchase a new piece of land for her home. Not everybody can give such a help, it must be a person with a very strong mentality and an open mind and heart. Such a person has to combine a lot of positive characteristics as an individual. It is always better to trust the search of a surrogate mother to an agency to find the right candidate, because the surrogacy agency has already worked out mechanisms that will let through only applicants according to strict requirements.

7. Political and socioeconomic image of a country

The final factor might surprise you, but it also has a big effect on one's decision to travel to a certain country. It is a country's international political and socioeconomic image. It might have a big connection with success rates of fertility clinics, good professionals and medicine level in general, but let me put it straight, sometimes TV and news show a false reality and confuse. I had clients, that traveled through all successful countries like USA, UK and Spain, meccas of fertility treatment. Unfortunately, they had no luck after numerous IVF cycles and finally got successful pregnancy and healthy baby in Ukraine.

My final advice is – investigate, trust and be brave. You will find your perfect country for surrogacy treatment!

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