Best country for surrogacy

In this article, I want to give you only facts, because I know how much one needs true information on surrogacy when it comes to this point. Let me begin with the most important factors to consider when choosing the best destination for surrogacy services once you have decided to go abroad to find a gestational carrier for your fertility treatment.

1. Legislation. Choose surrogacy-friendly countries.

The first important factor is legislation, you should choose countries where surrogacy is legal. This information is widely available on the internet and it's not difficult to check if a country has friendly surrogacy laws or not.

2. Do some research on how difficult it will be to bring your baby or babies back to your country and on your legal status as parents.

Even if a country is surrogacy friendly and the baby is born, there may be many difficulties and challenges on your way back home, so it is very important to know for sure whether you will be able to bring your baby or babies out of this country and what legal status you will have as parents. Much depends upon your own citizenship and on The Embassy of your home country in the destination country.

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3. The cost of surrogacy

One of the critical factors for most people is the cost of surrogacy. How much does surrogacy cost - is one of the most determinative questions in finding a surrogate mother in another country. Not everyone can afford surrogate mother services, because of high costs of such infertility treatment. Though, there is always a chance to find the best price - quality ratio solution even with surrogacy treatment. It is advised not to look for the cheapest surrogacy in the world. As soon as you will, you may encounter poor service quality and face more difficulties such as low success rates, fraud, unsuccessful attempts or