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Cost of egg donation in Ukraine. How good are Ukraine egg donors?

Human egg donation has recently become a lifeboat for couples that struggle with infertility issues. Technological and medical process had made it possible to obtain eggs from woman’s body and fertilize them outside in a special lab.

But is such procedure affordable for every woman? The answer is – no. Especially if you plan to do egg donation in Europe, Ireland, USA or UK. Most likely you and your family will save money for a while or even years for a single try, especially if you have already spent a huge amount for IVF cycles without any results. One can only imagine what a woman goes through, from a moment that she understands that she cannot have her own biological child to the moment when she comes to a decision to use an egg donor. When you are finally there, ok to use a help of an egg donor, you find out that it will cost you much money in your own country.

Baby in bed

One of the best decision that a woman can make if she has come to a conclusion to find an egg donor – is to go for egg donation abroad. Egg donation overseas opens big opportunities for couples from USA and Canada, where medicine is super expansive and one cannot afford several cycles to achieve pregnancy.

Usually a woman starts to browse internet for best fertility clinics for donor eggs in Europe, search and read success stories with donor eggs on forums to learn how the egg donation process works abroad and find out how much is egg donation. Can she take a risk and give some trust to foreign professionals? Ovum donation is a serious question, as soon as you have to be sure that a woman who donates is minimum a healthy person. Actually, here we have the best card! European egg donors, to put it more exactly, Slavic egg donors, are the most strong, healthy and beautiful and are valued all over the world like egg donors with very good genes.


Affordable egg donation is often associated with poor quality and low success rate, but it is absolutely wrong. Cheap egg donation you may find even in best donor egg clinic, as long as those clinics have good promotions, bonuses and some of them even make few fertility programs for free as a charity. Egg donation in Kiev, Ukraine becomes the most attractive destination for egg donation program. Egg donation clinics in Ukraine reach 75% of success rate for ovule donation and the egg donation process is rather easy, professional and has the same level of medicine as in Europe and USA. Though there is one minus and it is waiting time. If you apply for a fertility clinic directly, you will be put in line and the waiting time can reach up to 6 month or more, so the best option in Ukraine is to use service of an agency or agent that has special agreements with a fertility facility, it will give a lot of benefits, like no waiting time, best egg donors, special assistance in foreign country that you will dependently need.

So, how much is egg donation in Ukraine? The prices start from about 5000-6000 euro per cycle. But the most interesting package for egg donation is the all included one, when you can have numerous egg donation cycles until you get a positive blood test for pregnancy. Sounds perfect! Such package will cost you more, about 12 000 euro, but you actually have a guarantee of a baby and you know that you can forget about spending more money for new cycles in new clinics.

IVF with donor eggs in Ukraine can be successful and rather affordable if you trust and dare to travel to other country, even if you are not used to go outside your usual world, you should definitely try your luck abroad.

Be brave and never give up!

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