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Surrogacy without agency: coordination center as alternative?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Here you are…you need a surrogate mother. Did you ever think you might come to this point? But this is the best decision for your family right now. Your health is not good and pregnancy might be a big danger for your life and you can’t take this risk. Maybe you even don’t have a uterus, but it will not stop you from being a mother and a parent. So, you agree to use a surrogate mother help and you deserve a support!

Belly of a pregnant woman

Where should you start? Open google and write: “surrogate mother search” or “looking for a surrogate mother”, maybe it must be “how can I find a surrogate mother”? You dive into this huge amount of information on forums, articles, you find some people that have had such experience. But are they true people or just working for a company and writing fake reviews? A lot of questions rise and you feel like it is so difficult to find the truth and you start to feel desperate. Beside, you start to think – can surrogate keep baby? You start browsing for surrogate mother facts, pros and cons and so on. It takes so much time and energy that in few weeks you actually think that it was not a good idea and go for adoption. A lot of couples face this first time search of information and not everybody actually stays with this idea in the end. Surrogate mother agency looks a good option for you, because it seems they take all the organizational and search part and make a perfect surrogate mother match and select a good fertility clinic for the procedure. But it is not that easy as it seems.


Here are some facts about most surrogate agencies that you might not know and what risks are in using such services:

  1. Most surrogate mother agencies will not assist you all along the fertility program. They will find a surrogate mother, connect you with a reproductive clinic and that is it. You will be by yourself during the program and probably will face the documentation part for your baby by yourself or with an expensive lawyer, especially if it surrogacy abroad. This will cost you a huge amount of money and cause a stress. If you go abroad, you will need to pay your accommodation, meals, find interpreter and so on. Surrogacy agencies don’t do this most of the time and even if they do. It will cost you more for additional services.

  2. Using an agency for surrogacy program is not a guarantee that you will find a healthy or experienced surrogate mother, egg donor and a good fertility clinic.

  3. Using gestational surrogate agency is not a guarantee that your fertility journey will be successful, agency does not give you a guarantee at all.

  4. It also will not be faster with an agency; some will make you wait from 6 months till 1 year and more!


What are your option in this situation? Let me guess your “must be” for a surrogate mother program:

  • It must be affordable surrogacy.

  • Legal possibility to bring baby home from surrogacy abroad and to be official parents of the child or children.

  • High success rated egg donation and surrogacy Center.

  • Healthy and experienced surrogate mother and egg donor, if you need one.

  • Fast process, no lines and waiting time.

  • Full assistance during the program, from beginning till the end. You will need informational support, documentation assistance and such more.

  • Successful live birth and a healthy baby or babies.

  • Assistance of an experienced surrogacy lawyer that is included into the program price and will not make a hole in your budget.

  • Interpreter, accommodation and food if you travel for surrogacy.

  • Medical part, cost of surrogate mother and pregnancy support included into the package and the price.

As you see, the list is not small and every point is extremely important! If you think you can handle it by yourself, I want to warn you that the probability is close to zero. A great alternative for a surrogacy agency is a Coordination Center for surrogacy and egg donation. All your requirements for a program will be accomplished. Coordination Center gives a guarantee of a successful pregnancy to every couple, puts all your requirements into one package for one price and you can be sure that you will have no unexpected payments and surprises.

We are professionals that have gathered together to make your journey a happy time! Every person in our Center knows his part and likes to do it.

The name of our Coordination Center is Perfect Surrogacy, because the first goal was to create such a Center that will make intended parents fill like they have faced the most comfortable, easy and safe surrogacy program in one pack.


Why us and why we think we are great?

Full assistance during the program, no waiting lines, no hidden costs, all included services, affordable surrogacy price, real contacts of previous satisfied clients, real egg donors with confirmation, family lawyer included, full service with hotel, food and transportation included, interpreter and personal assistant, the most success rated and proven fertility center, unlimited embryo transfers for one package, surrogate mother meeting, guarantee of result, birth in hospital and baby care included, first free consultation, full privacy and much more! All what you have looked for is here in one place for you!

So, I can tell you for sure that you don’t have to do all the hard work and search in internet. Moreover, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is the most attractive part for all intended parents searching for reproductive assistance abroad.

We not only connect you with fertility clinics that give reproductive services, we assist you and coordinate you from the moment you apply, sign the contract with the reproductive clinic in Ukraine and till the baby passport and your departure.

Photos by familysmilephoto community in VK.

Photographs Svetlana Kassina and Natalia Kolesnikova

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