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UK Surrogacy In Ukraine

A record number of British children were conceived via surrogacy, according to the official data. The number of children born with the help of surrogate mothers abroad and registered in the UK during the last six years increased by 265%.

Commercial Surrogacy is banned in the United Kingdom. Advertising of surrogacy service and surrogate mother selection are also prohibited in UK. Only non-commercial surrogacy is permitted - surrogate mother does not receive money for childbearing. It’s rather difficult to find a woman who will agree to carry a child for the infertile couple. Living standards in the United Kingdom is rather high so women there are not interested at such procedures.


Therefore infertile British families go abroad in order to use assisted methods of reproductive medicine. Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center welcomes more than 90 couples from the United Kingdom each year. At first most Europeans are afraid of traveling to Ukraine – third world county, military actions in the Eastern Ukraine, lame-duck economy, etc. But visiting Ukraine, foreigners see just another picture, with own eyes – extremely beautiful state, friendly people, and high level of reproductive medicine.

baby with a British passport in hand

Net promoter of Ukrainian surrogacy is surrogate mothers. Surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine. And there are a lot of middle class women who agree to carry a healthy child for the infertile family from UK. These women are healthy, nice looking and good educated. They participate in such medical programs due to the own needs – lack of money for close to her person’s treatment, own child’s education, accommodation problems, and others.

In Ukraine, UK citizens conduct a surrogacy program absolutely legally. Now they can receive Emergency Travel Document, ETD (sometimes known as an emergency passport). They apply for a UK passport at the same time and can receive it already back home after traveling with ETD. This document let British national couples leave Ukraine with a newborn baby conceived via surrogacy in shortest terms. Reaching home, couple submits documents for Parental Order in order to become legal parents and receive child’s registration as a UK citizen. Our Center supplies all necessary documents even after a couple have returned home and needs additional surrogate mother consent for Parental Order.


It must be noted that few years ago it was much harder to receive official registration in the UK after child’s birth in Ukraine via surrogacy. Parents should have waited about six months in order to register their child. Now the waiting time had been reduced to two months approximately. The UK legal solution for resolving parenthood in surrogacy cases is a Parental Order. This is a court order which makes the intended parents the legal parents of the child. Once a parental order is made, the birth will be re-registered to record both intended parents as the legal parents, and a new birth certificate will be issued. Actually, registering new British Birth Certificate is not a necessary procedure. A baby with UK passport can live in UK as a citizen without a problem. Before leaving Ukrainian clinic, parents receive surrogate mother’s official declaration. It confirms that the surrogate mother has no rights and obligations concerning a child she gave birth.


A great number of UK families visit Ukraine for international surrogacy and successfully come back come with their newborn. It is very important not to be afraid to go for surrogacy abroad, it is a popular think nowadays among infertile couples. Surrogacy in Ukraine is a great option to make your fertility journey a success!

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