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10 Tips on how to have a successful surrogacy journey

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Taking into consideration my many years of experience with intended parents and that all the journeys have ended up with a healthy baby or twins, I think I'm actually entitled to offer some advice on how to have a successful surrogacy journey to the couples considering international surrogacy who need a surrogate mother or who also need an egg donor.

  1. Always choose an agency to assist, this will make your journey feel a lot safer, smoother, and well organized. It's very easy to make a sad mistake when you're on your own and without the necessary experience. Let the professionals do their work and use their skills and experience of many programs.

  2. If your finances allow it, start the journey now, do not spend precious time comparing tons of information.

  3. Choose the agency that has real results and real positive reviews of parents on videos, a high reputation, and many years of experience.

  4. Don’t be afraid to travel abroad for surrogacy, hundreds of couples have become parents through such fertility journeys and have learned about new places, culture and created pleasant memories. Many of our parents plan to show their babies their place of birth when they grow up. An open mind helps to discover more opportunities!

  5. Choose a surrogate mother not only by a healthy body but also by a psychological connection, make at least one communication with your candidate before the start. This will help you understand if she is the right person, one can always tell.

  6. Make sure that the country you choose for your surrogacy journey is the best destination for surrogacy when the laws are fully supporting you as official parents and regulate such fertility treatment on a high legal level. Good surrogacy legislation keeps you safe and away from risks from the legal point of view. Nowadays, the best destination for surrogacy is Ukraine.

  7. When choosing the city for surrogacy, make sure that the ecological situation in the city is safe enough, fresh and clean air is crucially important for a healthy pregnancy for your gestational carrier. Our programs are considered ecological, as they are performed at the seaside with much fresh air and many sunny days a month, providing vitamin D.

  8. Don't go for the biggest agency or clinic you can find as bigger is not always better. The biggest agencies that are overwhelmed with clients tend to get slow and to lose flexibility, quality of services, and attention to details over time. Long waiting lines to start your program, long response time from the managers, and various emerging problems with stressful situations are the known companions of their programs. You can tell if an agency is overloaded if you are waiting for the response to your first letter for more than two days. Choose a smaller agency, but with a good team of professionals, with an individual approach, and a high success rate in their programs.

  9. Ask the agency about the take baby home rate, it has to be 100%, otherwise, look for other assistance specialists.

  10. Look for guarantee programs with an agency, only very good agencies can give result and live-birth guarantee as soon as they know their results and are confident to provide such a level of services.

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