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Pregnancy after 40. IVF in Ukraine

Updated: Jul 5

We have passed times when reproductive technologies were uncommon and unusual to most women in the world. Infertility was a curse in the past, but not today. Nowadays IVF is a normal way to become parents and forget about infertility diagnosis once and for all.

It is not a secret that chances to get pregnant at 40 are much lower than in the twenties and thirties. The period between 30 and 40 is a golden period when couples do their best trying to get pregnant. One might think that the twenties is the best period, but there is a huge amount of infertile couples at a very young age, struggling till the last and slowly moving to their 35 and more without any result. They understand that they have lost so many years, hoping for a natural pregnancy. The advice is simple – if there are two years of active planning and no success, it is recommended to find out more about the In Vitro Fertilization process, IVF cost and do it as soon as possible.

A Woman consulting a doctor
IVF after 40

Many women avoid IVF. It is hard for them to accept the fact that they cannot conceive naturally and they try and try until they are 40 years old. IVF after 40 gives a small chance for pregnancy on own eggs if hormones and ovarian reserve allow. A woman can become a mother and finally achieve her goal, but not all women after 40 have good hormone levels, especially the AMH hormone. A woman questions herself “Do I need an egg donor”? Somebody needs time to accept this, someone takes this option as a good way to become a mother. The quality of oocytes is far from ideal at this age and the health of a baby is very important. It is worth knowing that stimulation with hormones for IVF has several risks for a woman’s health. Stimulation hormones activate all growing processes in a woman’s body, not only in the ovaries. Numerous stimulations can significantly harm your health. It is usually recommended to undergo IVF with an egg donor because chances of pregnancy with donor eggs after 40 rise significantly and you a save your health to be an active and healthy mother for your child!

Doctor Ruslan Sobolev Making an ultrasound
IVF ultrasound

Some women in their 40 till hope for natural pregnancy, which is very risky, because they lose very precious time. The same thing I can say about IVF on eggs after 40. However, if your Antimulerian hormone is high and you still have oocytes in your ovaries, it is worth trying IVF one time and after proceed with egg donation. The last investigations prove that you will pass some genetic material to your child with blood if you use an egg donor for the fertilization procedure. The success of egg donations over 40 is about 76% which is wonderful and inspiring!

The next question is the cost of In Vitro Fertilization and egg donor cost. Not every couple can afford the cost of IVF or the cost of egg donation. The price of egg donation in Europe, the UK, and the USA is very high and a lot of couples consider IVF abroad. The cheapest country for IVF is Ukraine. One can find the price even unreal, but after proper investigation, it is clear that the service is on the same level as in USA and Europe and in some ways even better. If you can find 5000 euros for IVF, you might be a lucky person. An unlimited package for egg donation with all included might cost from 12000-14000 Euro in Ukraine with a guarantee of success! Can you find such a great price in the USA or Europe? I guarantee you, it is not possible!


Successful IVF is a result of many factors, such as experienced fertility specialist, high educated embryology team, young and healthy egg donor (if you need one), good egg donor clinic and never the less a good country to travel to. We would be happy to answer all your questions on Skype or email. Make your first steps towards your happy reality and remember – you succeed if you make steps! Good luck!

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