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Nowadays a huge number of couples require infertility treatment and many of them have almost lost their hope for a full and happy family. Causes of infertility in women and men have grown in numbers a lot recently, it has affected reproductive health in general considerably. But there is a solution! More and more couples around the globe consider gestational surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation programs in their home countries or abroad.  Assisted reproductive technologies have proven effective in female infertility treatment and have helped many infertile couples to become parents and fulfill their long-awaited dream. There is no greater happiness than being a parent!

We know how it is hard to find experienced surrogate mothers or healthy egg donors, the best surrogacy agency, or the best fertility clinic with a good surrogacy success rate among a big number of clinics in different countries. This process can be very exhausting, time-consuming and it doesn't always lead you to the right choice. It is very important to undergo an In Vitro Fertilization procedure or egg donation procedure without additional stress and with a positive final result. It is important to feel secure and confident if you go for surrogacy abroad. 


The USA and Europe are incredibly expensive for infertility medicine, therefore couples and singles start to look for alternative infertility treatment abroad and discover new destinations and go for international surrogacy and affordable surrogacy abroad. Despite an affordable surrogacy cost and low cost of IVF procedures, we have very good IVF success rates as in the USA and European countries, but the price is more affordable and reasonable. Add to this the exclusive unlimited attempts and result-guarantee features, full 24/7 guidance, and legal support, all included and you'll get a perfect choice! This results from highly qualified reproductive specialists, healthy egg donors, and young surrogate mothers. Surrogacy in Ukraine, Kyiv can be a great option for babies through surrogacy.

About Us


Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center is an international egg donation and surrogacy center and one of the top fertility treatment assistance companies in Ukraine. Founded in 2012 by surrogacy lawyer and fertility assistance specialist, Anna Lisnichenko, the center has become a trusted assistance center, famous for its personal approach, superfast communication, quick legal process, friendly atmosphere and boutique type.

Our team is oriented toward helping couples with fertility issues from all over the world within a very private and comfortable policy. Our clients come from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and other countries. We know how to make your trip easy, safe, and successful. We coordinate your surrogate motherhood program, embryo donation, IVF, or egg donation program from A to Z. Our dear clients can be sure that their baby will be back home safe and secure after the surrogacy program. We work closely with embassies and have deep professional knowledge about the documentation process for reproductive technology programs. We have taken into account different financial possibilities of infertile couples and have created as cheap surrogacy program packages, affordable egg donation program packages, so VIP surrogacy packages. Have a chance to choose and feel like you can really afford this having good service for the price or receive a full range of high-class surrogate services. Ukraine surrogacy is the best option for infertility treatment abroad.

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Our Mission


Our aim is to find for you the best infertility clinic, select best experienced surrogate mother and healthy egg donor in Ukraine. Our Center is in instant contact with the most professional fertility doctors that have been selected by us according to their IVF success rate. You can solve your infertility issues in a short period of time without any stressful searches from your side. We coordinate such ART treatments as surrogacy process and egg donation process.  All you need is to describe your situation contacting us via the application form, by mail, phone or skype. We can give you the most full and professional medical and legal answer within 24 hours.

Perfect Surrogacy was created to bring you closer to the best reproductive doctors in Europe and make the fertility process clear, easy-to-understand and suitable for you according to all your needs. We are here to bring you comfort, confidence, and convenience for a good cost. Our special feature is super individual approach and personal participation of the founder of Perfect Surrogacy Coordination Center in your individual infertility treatment. We have connected our lives with assisted reproductive technologies and are willing to help you achieve your ultimate goal of parenthood. We have created unlimited full-service fertility programs to make your trip the most pleasant adventure in your life. We will provide you with the best Ukraine surrogacy clinic! 

Why Perfect Surrogacy
Perfect Surrogacy Review - Richard & Sarah (USA), Episode 4 - Success!

Perfect Surrogacy Review - Richard & Sarah (USA), Episode 4 - Success!

In this video, Richard and Sarah review their successful surrogacy program with Perfect Surrogacy in Ukraine. We are very happy that their program was successful from the first attempt! Moreover, at the beginning of the program, they told us they wanted a boy and would be happy about twins! Looks like the higher powers were on their side because two beautiful boy twins are what they are holding in their hands! It sounds like a miracle, but it's true! Our team is so happy that we've taken part in letting this miracle happen and we sincerely wish Richard and Sarah a happy family life! If you haven't already, watch the other episodes with Richard and Sarah and hear their story: 1) Episode 1 - Consultation (First Visit) 2) Episode 2 - Welcome Breakfast (First Visit) 3) Episode 3 - Meeting with Surrogate (First Visit) #SurrogacyInUkraine #PerfectSurrogacy #BestCountryForSurrogacy #BestSurrogacyAgency #SurrogacySuccessStory Contacts __________________________________________________________ Check out our website for actual prices and information! Our website: Surrogacy Packages: Egg Donation Packages: __________________________________________________________ Follow us on Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:
PSCC - American Couple Testimonial - Paige & Marcus

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Program Packages


Surrogacy Program Packages from 46,900 $
IVF and Egg Donation Program Packages from 7,500 $

In order to make the process of infertility treatment comfortable, transparent, and easy for you, we have created special surrogacy and egg donation fertility programs that have no analogs in the world. Guarantee packages of surrogate mother services and egg donation services have an unlimited number of fertilization procedures with a fixed price that leads you to a 100% result. These IVF packages are constructed in such a way that you will not leave us without positive result  a healthy baby or even babies. Our international surrogacy destination is surrogacy in Ukraine.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine will amaze you with affordability and high level of service, surrogacy high success rate in 75%, and all-inclusive surrogacy packages, with a full guarantee of successful pregnancy! The best surrogate mother in Ukraine will help you achieve your dream of happy parenthood! We give you new hope in surrogacy success!

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