Ukraine in War. We need your help!

Dear intended parents, parents and people with big hearts with a place for love! For a while, we thought we could make it on our own, but the circumstances force us to ask for your help and support these days. We have no extra financial resources for such situations and now we have not much access to our business accounts in big amounts (banks restrictions), only to personals. Our programs and packages are formed in a way that we operate during a peaceful time and, what is very important, all finances have a direct purpose of payment for every program and couple. These finances are reserved for these specific purposes and we can't use them for anything else. Our main priority now is to make all necessary payments to the pregnant surrogate mothers, support them with medication, earlier accommodation, help babies that are already born while their parents are struggling to get to Ukraine. Our team is working now like heroes, driving in the city where it's already not so safe as before and as you understand we can’t expect any new clients soon until it all ends, we have temporarily lost our way of income, as this is what we did for a living. I am so sorry we have to ask for help from our clients, parents, future parents, and everyone who feels can help us out. We are not abandoning our surrogate mothers, born babies, our duties. The situation is very unpredictable. If evacuation will be safe to perform, extra funds will be very helpful, for road, food and accommodation for the surrogate mothers. We have 16 pregnant surrogate mothers. We will do everything possible to proceed with your programs and resume other programs that were frozen because of the war, maybe in Ukraine or in other safe country🙏

Any help is appreciated!

We pray for peace, for Ukraine and our people!

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