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Surrogacy in Ukraine. Is Ukraine really a third world country? Destroying the myths

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Our team is oriented to work with couples from all over the world. Surrogacy is banned in almost all countries of Europe, some countries has no law for surrogacy at all. That restriction makes it impossible to become a parent using help of a surrogate mother and experience the joy of parenthood in case your health will not allow.

smiling baby with Ukrainian wreath

Ukraine is a very surrogacy-friendly country (read here about the law for surrogacy in Ukraine here) with highly professional reproduction specialists, highest success rates and very competitive, affordable prices. Despite all these benefits, many people today are still afraid to choose Ukraine for their infertility treatment and especially for surrogacy. They choose spending much more funds in USA or EU, over the mythical risk of going to “the third-world, poor, underdeveloped, unsafe” Ukraine, where high-level medical treatment isn’t even possible, according to their opinion. So, is Ukraine really an unsafe, poor and underdeveloped, Third-World country? Let’s figure it out. Myth #1 Ukraine is a Third-World Country The term is very outdated and is often misused nowadays. It refers to the times of the cold war, when the world was conditionally divided into three political parts. The “First World” part also known as “the Western or capitalist bloc” included USA and all the NATO countries, which were opposed to the “Second World” also known as “The Eastern or the socialist bloc”, which included the countries of the former communist-socialist states such as Poland (now EU member), Ukraine, Russian, Bulgaria (now EU members), Baltic countries (now EU member), China and many others. The “Third World” were the remaining countries that did not relate to either bloc. So, as you can see, Ukraine has never been considered a third world country, and the gradation itself has nothing to do with the development or wealth level of the countries. For example, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and The United Arab Emirates were part of “the third world”, yet they are very rich states.

Myth#2 Ukraine is unsafe

We often hear that Ukraine is unsafe, because there is a war going on, on the East of the country. Well, first of all, the active phase of the conflict is over. Yes, there were some military operations a year ago, but the conflict has always been localized and concentrated on the east and even during the hottest days of the conflict, the major part of Ukraine calmly continued its everyday life and the clients never stopped coming. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, our clinics are situated in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and it’s situated about 800 km from the hot zone. It’s like in another country. So, is Ukraine unsafe because of a war conflict? The answer is – only if you’re planning to go to the conflict zone. Let’s be honest, guys, today with all the terrorist attacks and people killing each other in USA and Europe, we feel it safer in our cities. We have no terrorist attacks, no migration crisis, no Islamic radicals and we are not afraid to walk our streets.

Myth#3 Ukraine is a poor and underdeveloped country

This is a very complicated topic, so we’ll try to put it as simple and short as possible. Ukraine once was the 10th world economy and the 6th economy in Europe. Today we have a political and economic crisis (and who doesn’t?) combined with hard-going reforms and corruption. Many people in Ukraine don’t earn a lot of money, especially compared to the Western Countries, but hey, we have much lower prices for almost anything as well and that’s what makes Ukraine interesting especially taking into consideration that in terms of services, products, technologies, education and industry Ukraine is a regular European country. In fact, we have much higher success rates in infertility treatment programs and surrogacy programs than any other country. The majority of our clients are people who already tried their luck in USA and Europe, lost a fortune and failed. In Desperation, they fight their fears to try Ukraine… and they succeed! So, is Ukraine poor? … Maybe… but not as poor as you might think. Is Ukraine underdeveloped? We have our problems, but in general – definitely not.

Myth#4 Surrogate mother in Ukraine is a woman that takes alcohol, drugs and comes from the lowest social level

This is the most ridiculous myth that I have heard about gestational surrogacy. Why people think that only an undignified woman can go for a surrogate mother in Ukraine. Maybe because she needs money for drugs and alcohol? It is time to clear it up. First of all, it is not easy to find a surrogate mother, such individuals are very rare, with specific and strong psyche. Agree that not everyone will do it even for a compensation. The most common reason why a woman comes to a decision to become a surrogate mother – she needs money for her own child or children to raise them, give good education, make a home renovation or buy a car to her family. These women are very family-oriented and all are very open-hearted persons. They are not poor, most of them have their own homes in villages, eat healthy farm food and breathe fresh air. A potential surrogate mother knows her health level and understands that she can do two things in one – help a couple that needs a surrogate mother and earn money not for alcohol, but for her family.


International surrogacy becomes more popular these days. Ukraine surrogacy cost is so much more affordable and advantageous than surrogacy in USA that some couples can’t even believe. It is not a secret that medicine in USA is the most expensive medicine in the world! How much does the surrogacy cost in USA? The cost for surrogacy can vary from 100 000 to 150 000 Dollars per program, while cost of surrogacy in Ukraine begins from 35 000 Euro and reaches maximum 56 000 Euro per program with surrogacy agency fee. Infertile couples from USA have to take big loans and work hard to pay it back, while there is a perfect option overseas. I am so glad for lucky couples that have made their own investigation and made the step towards Ukraine surrogacy. I know a lot of couples from USA and Europe personally and see their happy family pictures with surrogate babies in Facebook every day.

With all my heart I trust that you will lose any fear to choose Ukraine for surrogacy program and I hope to see your baby pictures on my mail with thankful words, every such mail makes me feel that I am doing a very good thing.

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