Surrogacy in Ukraine. Is Ukraine really a third world country? Destroying the myths

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Our team is oriented to work with couples from all over the world. Surrogacy is banned in almost all countries of Europe, some countries has no law for surrogacy at all. That restriction makes it impossible to become a parent using help of a surrogate mother and experience the joy of parenthood in case your health will not allow.

smiling baby with Ukrainian wreath

Ukraine is a very surrogacy-friendly country (read here about the law for surrogacy in Ukraine here) with highly professional reproduction specialists, highest success rates and very competitive, affordable prices. Despite all these benefits, many people today are still afraid to choose Ukraine for their infertility treatment and especially for surrogacy. They choose spending much more funds in USA or EU, over the mythical risk of going to “the third-world, poor, underdeveloped, unsafe” Ukraine, where high-level medical treatment isn’t even possible, according to their opinion. So, is Ukraine really an unsafe, poor and underdeveloped, Third-World country? Let’s figure it out. Myth #1 Ukraine is a Third-World Country The term is very outdated and is often misused nowadays. It refers to the times of the cold war, when the world was conditionally divided into three political parts. The “First World” part also known as “the Western or capitalist bloc” included USA and all the NATO countries, which were opposed to the “Second World” also known as “The Eastern or the socialist bloc”, which included the countries of the former communist-socialist states such as Poland (now EU member), Ukraine, Russian, Bulgaria (now EU members), Baltic countries (now EU member), China and many others. The “Third World” were the remaining countries that did not relate to either bloc. So, as you can see, Ukraine has never been considered a third world country, and the gradation itself has nothing to do with the development or wealth level of the countries. For example, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and The United Arab Emirates were part of “the third world”, yet they are very rich states.

Myth#2 Ukraine is unsafe

We often hear that Ukraine is unsafe, because there is a war going on, on the East of the country. Well, first of all, the active phase of the conflict is over. Yes, there were some military operations a year ago, but the conflict has always been localized and concentrated on the east and even during the hottest days of the conflict, the major part of Ukraine calmly continued its everyday life and the clients never stopped coming. Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe, our clinics are situated in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and it’s situated about 800 km from the hot zone. It’s like in another country. So, is